Arsenic for Tea-Robin Stevens

This series is really really good and I kind of wish I wasn't a step  closer to finishing all of the books. My favourite thing about this book is that the author creates problematic situations with such realism that it is actually quite hard to stop reading once you've started. At Fallingford (Daisy's house) Daisy … Continue reading Arsenic for Tea-Robin Stevens

The Animals Of Farthing Wood – Colin Dann

The animals of Farthing Wood is a breathtaking adventure that follows a group of creatures of all sizes that range from a handful of  tiny field mice to a slippery adder.  The characters in this book are so memorable and each have their own specific characteristics. In this story Farthing wood is being cut down. … Continue reading The Animals Of Farthing Wood – Colin Dann

The Christmasauras-Tom Fletcher

Maybe I read this book a bit to late but whatever the season i am sure this book will always be enjoyable. It is funny and full of unexpected friendships. The excitement of the plot grips you from the start.Another thing is that this proves that word disabled people is wrong, because people who are … Continue reading The Christmasauras-Tom Fletcher

Murder Most Unladylike – Robin Stevens

Daisy and Hazel are best friends. They are also part of a secret detective club which no one apart from them knows about. Unfortunately there aren’t very interesting cases at Deepdean school for girls. (unless you count the case of Lavinia’s missing tie which they don’t ) But a real murderer is in their midst … Continue reading Murder Most Unladylike – Robin Stevens

Katy – Jacqueline Wilson

Katy is a girl who just can’t help getting in trouble. She even gets in trouble when she’s doing nice things like making everyone a surprise breakfast. She does try hard but sometimes she can be rather unlucky on her daredevil expeditions. One day however her luck runs out altogether. Katy creeps out of the … Continue reading Katy – Jacqueline Wilson

Poppy Pym and the Pharaohs curse – Laura Wood

You’d think that after growing up in a travelling circus with Luigi the lion tamer, Sharp-eye-Sheila the knife thrower, Magnificent Marvin the magician, Boris the strongest guy ever, Tina and Tawna the acrobat twins, Doris the scientist, Fanella and last but not least Pym, going to Saint Smithens would be so boring! But not for … Continue reading Poppy Pym and the Pharaohs curse – Laura Wood

The Guggenheim Mystery – Robin Stevens

Ted’s cousin, Salim has moved to New York. Ted’s family, especially his sister Kat, seem super excited about going to visit him. But Ted isn’t so sure. He doesn’t want to go to a different place in which his food, clothes and basically everything is different! And who is Kat sending so many emails to? … Continue reading The Guggenheim Mystery – Robin Stevens