Arsenic for Tea-Robin Stevens

This series is really really good and I kind of wish I wasn’t a step  closer to finishing all of the books. My favourite thing about this book is that the author creates problematic situations with such realism that it is actually quite hard to stop reading once you’ve started.

At Fallingford (Daisy’s house) Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong meet. They are both complete opposites but somehow still friends. But wait- that’s not it they are also part of a super secret detective society that has solved one particularly bloody murder. At Fallingford, Daisy is having a party which is just for her – or so she thought. Apparently the so called party has nothing to do with her. So when someone MURDERS nasty Mr Curtis who was a very mean  guest the duo are back in the game and solving the case. This case however will be different and even harder to solve. When the pair realise that the murder weapon is arsenic Daisy must face the fact that now every single one of her family members is a suspect and one could be the murderer.

I really like how this book is always active and when the excitement does die down a bit there is always Daisy’s feelings toward having to suspect each member of her family to think about.

Normally, I would stay right away from this type of book because I don’t really like gory or bloody stories and also a writer has the power to put a really horrible image into you’re head. But I have heard so many good comments on this series and so I decided to try it. If you’ve read my review on the first book of the series ( Murder Most Unladylike) then you will know how much I really enjoyed that book. So I’ve tried out this book now and I must say that these books reel you in and then they just don’t let you go until you’ve read the last word of the last page.

However i must say that I think a suitable age limit is 8+.

Have you read it yet??

arsenic for tea

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