The Guggenheim Mystery – Robin Stevens

guggenheimTed’s cousin, Salim has moved to New York. Ted’s family, especially his sister Kat, seem super excited about going to visit him. But Ted isn’t so sure. He doesn’t want to go to a different place in which his food, clothes and basically everything is different! And who is Kat sending so many emails to? When Ted arrives in New York he feels slightly awkward because Salim and Kat aren’t including him and are having little quiet conversations without him. What are they talking about? But then when visiting the famous Guggenheim another mystery appears that throws Ted back into his zone. Someone has stolen the famous black square painting that Ted quite likes. There are so many suspects! Ted will need Kat and Salim’s help if he is to solve this mystery…

The thing I most like about this book is how the author reveals the suspense through his characters thoughts and asks the reader many questions that get you thinking.

In this book my favourite character is Ty. He is the museum electrician. I like Ty because he is so cheerful and kind. He and Salim are buddies and know each other quite well.

What I find quite interesting is that this book was not written by Siobhan Dowd like the London Eye mystery. Siobhan Dowd died from cancer and was unable to write this book so Robert Stevens was asked to write the book instead. I think both authors have a similar style and I like both.

Also did you know that the award winning book A Monster Calls was also based on an idea by Siobhan Dowd?

Have you read it yet??

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