The Creakers – Tom Fletcher

creakersLucy Dungston is a very normal girl who is living a very normal life until… one morning Lucy can’t find her mum or dad, neither can Ella who lives just down the road nor can Norman, the eager scout! What will they do? Its only when Lucy puts down her homework and gets in her zone that she finds out about the Creakers and the secret world under her bed! Can she find all of the grownups of Whiffington? Or will the children be forced to live without them?

The Creakers is awesome because throughout the book it gives you little paragraphs of writing about the author

’s thoughts and feelings. Tom Fletcher is an incredibly talented writer because he knows how to squeeze humour into the most scary and serious situations. I bet he could make me laugh through a book even if my main character was going to die!

One of my favourite characters is Lucy’s mum. She is really kind and patient with Lucy another favourite is of course Lucy Dungston herself. Lucy at the start of the story is an obedient hard working child, but then she slowly starts to turn into an adventurous determined girl.

My favourite part is when Lucy wakes up at the start of the book and  her mum is missing. I love that part because it’s so well described that it sent a shiver up my spine. It might send one up yours…

Also I love how able the author is to change the story, at first it is calm then spooky then crazy then…you get the idea.

Have you read it yet???

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