The Animals Of Farthing Wood – Colin Dann

farthing wood

The animals of Farthing Wood is a breathtaking adventure that follows a group of creatures of all sizes that range from a handful of  tiny field mice to a slippery adder.  The characters in this book are so memorable and each have their own specific characteristics.

In this story Farthing wood is being cut down. The animals that live there decide that the deforestation is  to harmful for them to stay any longer . I can actually feel the animals annoyance coursing through my veins when it is decided that Farthing Wood is no longer safe for any one. But where to go?

But just when all hope  seems banished  in hops toad who was taken to be lost! He tells all the animals of a nature conservatory he saw and how lovely it was there. The conservatory went by the name White Deer Park.

It will be a risky journey for the animals over crashing rivers and around blazing fires but the animals are determined and sure that no one will be able to stop them. But what if someone will. Not someone – but a particular race, one that is armed with guns and poison. Will the animals really survive this ambitious escapade?

One thing i think could have been done is that maybe the book would have been even better if the animal’s natural processes had been written about. Such as giving birth and maybe the mating procedure could have been written about in more detail.

Over all however this truly is captivating read.

Have you read it yet??

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