Head Kid – David Baddiel

head kidThis is a humorous book similar to books by David Walliams and Roald Dahl. Typically David Baddiel’s books are creative and gripping. This novel is no different.

Ryan is the naughtiest kid in school, he plays prank after prank. But his fun is now in danger of being blown away. For kindly Mr Fawcett has left and a new strict and formidable head has arrived. Ryan is sent to the headmaster within what seems like minutes.  But before the harsh teacher is able to deliver any detentions a mysterious thing takes place. The two complete opposites swap bodies. Forty three year old Mr Carter turns into a serious obedient Ryan while Ryan turns into fun playful Mr Carter. Everything is going well in the now chaotic Bracket Wood Primary School until the news comes out that inspectors are coming very soon. They have the power to shut down the school and if they do it will mean that Dionna, Ryan’s best friend will have to go back to Oakcroft School where she was bullied terribly. Even though Ryan dreams of a life with no maths he knows he must put things right. So in the headmaster’s body Ryan changes all the wacky rules he created and turns them right. Will Ryan ever become himself again? Will Bracket Wood survive?

I think this book is really witty and I love how David Baddiel squishes all of Ryan’s feelings into you so you really understand his view of things. One thing I must say though is that in some parts of this book it is a bit unclear who is talking. For instance in one part of the book, you can’t really tell if the Ryan In Mr Carter’s body is talking or the Ryan with a Mr Carter inside him is talking

My favourite character is Dionna. She is cool and uses slang language like ‘whatevs’.  She is caring even for things like ants. But the best part about her is how she faced her fear of bullies and stood up to the people who made her have such a horrible time at Oakcroft.

Have You read it yet???

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