The Grapes of Wrath – John Steinback

The Grapes of Wrath is a passionate book, it’s Steinback accusing the society of wrongdoing and it leaves you with a deep sense of social injustice. Set in 1930’s, during the Great Depression- the story focusses on the Joad family. Focussing on just one family gives Steinback the opportunity to go in-depth into each family … Continue reading The Grapes of Wrath – John Steinback

A spoonful of murder-Robin Stevens

This book was not the book that I was meant to read in the series of Murder Most Unladylike. I was meant to read the third book but I didn’t really miss anything by not reading the right book. This book is very different  to the others in the series.This is because it was a … Continue reading A spoonful of murder-Robin Stevens

The Secret of the Night Train-Sylvia Bishop

I really enjoyed this book it was really fun and imaginative. At first the story went at quite a fast pace and then it became a little more descriptive. That style worked really effectively with the book's plot. Also, the description of characters  in this book is brilliant. Each has a distinctive feature that helps … Continue reading The Secret of the Night Train-Sylvia Bishop

Malamander-Thomas Taylor

Malamander was a brilliant book. Right from the start it was full of adventure and I really enjoyed that. Most books have a normal start and then the real adventure happens. But in Malamander  the moment the book starts  you are thrown into a world of monsters mixed in  with two spoonfuls of mystery. The … Continue reading Malamander-Thomas Taylor

Against all the Gods – Maz Evans

This book took a while to get into because I haven't read one of Maz Evan's books since I finished the third book of the series last year. I had to rewind my memory quite a bit, so to anyone who has heard of this series and is going to read it then I strongly … Continue reading Against all the Gods – Maz Evans

Katy – Jacqueline Wilson

Katy is a girl who just can’t help getting in trouble. She even gets in trouble when she’s doing nice things like making everyone a surprise breakfast. She does try hard but sometimes she can be rather unlucky on her daredevil expeditions. One day however her luck runs out altogether. Katy creeps out of the … Continue reading Katy – Jacqueline Wilson