The Christmasauras-Tom Fletcher

Maybe I read this book a bit to late but whatever the season i am sure this book will always be enjoyable. It is funny and full of unexpected friendships. The excitement of the plot grips you from the start.Another thing is that this proves that word disabled people is wrong, because people who are in wheelchairs or have any other conditions are just as able as any other person.

This book follows the tale of disabled and mum-less William Trundle and his father Bob Trundle. They’re probably Christmas’s number one fan. They are both excitedly awaiting the Christmas that they don’t know will change their lives.Far away in the North Pole Santa Claus and his elf’s are working 24/7 to get every single child on the earth a present-all the good ones at least. But then the elf’s uncover something extremely unexpected, a giant egg! They rush it over to Santa who realises that for this egg to survive someone would have to sit on it. Someone with a big enough behind….

That person turns out to be Santa, who’s illustration by Shane Devries is remarkable and filled with humor, he sits on the egg throughout the preparation for Christmas. Until the day comes when the egg hatches and what should stomp out of the egg but a baby dinosaur! The Christmasauras is brought up in the North Pole but he dreams of leaving and meeting a dinosaur just like him, but he also dreams of flying through the sky…

Yet further away evil animal hunter Huxley more often known as the hunter has his beady eyes on Santa’s magical reindeer! Huxley is mad about shooting the rarest creature on the planet and he wants those reindeer badly.

Back in William’s world he is dealing with big fat meanie Brenda Payne. She torments him about his disability and gets into his head and under his skin.On Christmas night all of these stories get connected as the Hunter waits above Williams roof for the magical reindeer. In Santa’s legendary sleigh the Christmasauras is so entranced by Williams present that he tries to stay with it and ends up in the sleigh on the way to William’s house. When the Hunter sets his eyes on the Christmasauras he forgets about the reindeer and now wants the Christmasauras! Can William save the Christmasauras and uncover thetruth about his dad’s mysterious connection with the hunter ?

Find out for yourself…

Have you read it yet?




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