The Secret of the Night Train-Sylvia Bishop

I really enjoyed this book it was really fun and imaginative. At first the story went at quite a fast pace and then it became a little more descriptive. That style worked really effectively with the book's plot. Also, the description of characters  in this book is brilliant. Each has a distinctive feature that helps … Continue reading The Secret of the Night Train-Sylvia Bishop

The Signal and The Noise – Nate Silver

Even before we speak about the book - let's talk about the title of the book. There is a long list of book titles with two opposing or complimenting words: Crime & Punishment, Pride & Prejudice, the Beauty & the Beast and my personal favourite- the Ghost & the Darkness. Nate Silver's non-fiction effort will … Continue reading The Signal and The Noise – Nate Silver

Malamander-Thomas Taylor

Malamander was a brilliant book. Right from the start it was full of adventure and I really enjoyed that. Most books have a normal start and then the real adventure happens. But in Malamander  the moment the book starts  you are thrown into a world of monsters mixed in  with two spoonfuls of mystery. The … Continue reading Malamander-Thomas Taylor