About Us

We started this blog to share our reflections around an activity that we, in our family of 4, all enjoy (or have enjoyed at some point). What we read and the meaning & pleasure, we take from that is probably a reflection of our general state of being. So our first aim in creating this blog is to create a family narrative through the medium of what we read and how we felt about it. Writing down a few thoughts after reading a book is also a good way to think about the book as a whole. So, our second aim is to consolidate our overall experience of reading that book. And the third aim is to share this experience with friends & families and learn from them. We will post reviews, reflections and lists – and try not to deviate too far away from books. Please leave behind comments, thoughts, criticism.

By way of introduction we live in London. D is 40, P is 38, S is 9 and M is 4. We read to M a lot though she probably won’t be posting anytime soon; we hope the rest of us will be regular contributors.

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