Latest the books on our shelf updates…

You may have noticed that I have been branching out on what I write in my posts ever since lockdown started.

Well, when we started this blog, I was told by my parents that a blog is a place where you can write about a topic of great interest to you. I love books, my bookshelf reaches from my bedroom floor to my ceiling but it is still to small to house all of my books!

However, recently a new interest of mine has become a huge part of my day and is thoroughly relaxing for me.

I have a new passion for music, I listen to music whenever my screen is on, due to the new ‘virtual’ school programme. Around 50 percent of my memory is devoted to new albums, lyrics and releases. I love the very latest pop. Here are some examples of my favourite tunes in no particular order.

  1.  Becky Hill  Better of without you
  2. Meghan Trainor No
  3. Dua Lipa Break my heart

I will be writing about the latest releases, what I think about them and also general info about the pop star’s hits and about them.

I know, that often there is explicit content in some music which is inappropriate for children, so I will be reviewing all appropriate and

I hope you enjoy my next few posts. Also, there still will be occasional book review, but I think that it will mostly be Music.


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