History of Wolves – Emily Fridlund

I spent two winters in Michigan. It was cold; I felt it all the more coming straight from the tropical heat of Mumbai. All my previous experiences of snow were those of tourists: artificial, designed to thrill and time-bound. Michigan was my first experience of a snow-bound way of living. I know many who really … Continue reading History of Wolves – Emily Fridlund

East West Street – Philippe Sands

East West Street defies categorization. It is part memoir, part history, part biography and part a commentary on International Law. Whatever the category, it is deeply researched, very well written and tightly edited. While it is a non-fiction book, it has the pacing of a thriller. Who would have thought you can build so much … Continue reading East West Street – Philippe Sands

Katy – Jacqueline Wilson

Katy is a girl who just can’t help getting in trouble. She even gets in trouble when she’s doing nice things like making everyone a surprise breakfast. She does try hard but sometimes she can be rather unlucky on her daredevil expeditions. One day however her luck runs out altogether. Katy creeps out of the … Continue reading Katy – Jacqueline Wilson

East of Eden – John Steinbeck

The biblical stories of Adam & Eve and Cain & Abel have been reinterpreted multiple times in modern literature. East of Eden - first published in 1952 - is Nobel prize winning author John Steinbeck's attempt. At more than 600 pages, it is one of his longest books and in his own words - the … Continue reading East of Eden – John Steinbeck