!!Making sure you are in a good mood!!

So we’re all stuck in our houses, trying to not be as lethargic as usual and get some stuff done.  Have you been in a swampy mood all the time? It’s a fact that if you aren’t being active then you will always be in a bad mood. I am in those moods all the time. I find it is really useful to keep yourself busy.


Here are some useful things to do. Please keep in mind these ideas are for children who are around 10 years old, because, that is how old I am.

  1. A really fun type of exercise is dancing. It is an awesome idea to try choreographing your own dance. I have found that thi
  2. s is a great way to kill time. I have done three all ready and it is really fun and good for you as well. Here are some songs that I have used to start you off. JUST GOT PAID—–COUNTING STARS—–CRYING IN THE CLUB——NEW RULES.
  3. A great thing to do is to make your own blog or to create another. You may have realised that I am writing on this blog far more often than usual. Writing on your blog is a really nice way to get some routine in these really uncertain and unprecedented times. Even for children, writing about a topic that you really like is a brilliant way to improve your writing skills and to occupy yourself. WordPress is a fantastic site to create a blog. My family started this blog on WordPress and find it very useful.
  4. Unearthing dusty and long forgotten board games is a nice way to play something and often spend time with the rest of your family. Not just board games, but absolutely any game that is is fun and time consuming is really nice. I have included a link with plenty ideas for you and your family to get started. You need barely anything to get started on them and they are really fun.                              FAMILY GAME IDEAS

Gardening is a really fun way to get out of doors and of your addictive screens. Though at first is sounds a bit like something that children definitely wouldn’t do, I do it with the rest of my family and watching a plant that YOU plant yourself is something you can feel really proud about.

Often, when strange things that you have no control over are happening, the only thing you can do is immerse yourself in a single task. This is helpful because you are throwing yourself into a job. This helps to forget about all the stressful things happening around you. Gardening is a wonderful way to do that.  I have included another links that I think will help you to get on your way. Gardening tips + tricks

I really hope that you’ve found my tips and tricks useful. Please comment and give me some ideas so that I can create more posts that hopefully help you get through the period of coronavirus.

Keep safe and well.

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