Fing – David Walliams

fingThis  is a lovely book by David Walliams. If you read a lot of David Walliams books then you will see a slight relationship between this book and the Worlds Worst Children. I however was a bit disappointed that the book was similar because I could predict at times what was going to happen next which as you can guess made this book a tiny bit boring.

Myrtle is a girl who has everything but she still wants more! Her parents who are Meek by name and meek by nature desperately try to find that one last fing. This leads Mr Meek into the deepest darkest jungliest  jungle. Will he survive the honkopottamus’s wrath? He…will! But then when Mr Meek comes home disaster strikes. After months and months of jungle foraging, the ferocious furry fing goes on the loose! Myrtle is taken from her home by the fing all the way to the heart of the deepest darkest jungliest jungle where she turns into something feared by all animals… I’ll leave you to find out what she becomes.

My favourite character in this book is Mr Meek. He is very shy. I like his long journey to the jungle because it has been described so well! Also I really like the part where Mr Meek had strange jungle creatures attacking him when he had nothing to protect himself with!

Also a lovely part in the book is when Myrtle has been  delivered to the deepest darkest jungliest jungle by the fing and the Meeks find themselves relaxing for the first time since Myrtle became their daughter. I really liked the illustrations as well because they were hilarious and actually quite accurate .

Have you read it yet??



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