Lightning Girl-Alesha Dixon

This was a really awesome book! It was one that I randomly picked up from the bookshelf for lack of something to read. I really enjoyed it because of the pace of the story, the way the emotion depicted by the authors words was felt by me. This wasn't exactly a challenging read but it was … Continue reading Lightning Girl-Alesha Dixon

Against all the Gods – Maz Evans

This book took a while to get into because I haven't read one of Maz Evan's books since I finished the third book of the series last year. I had to rewind my memory quite a bit, so to anyone who has heard of this series and is going to read it then I strongly … Continue reading Against all the Gods – Maz Evans

The 52 story tree house-Andy Griffiths-Terry Denton

If I had to describe this book in a limited number of words then I would say a very large comic book because like a comic book the illustrations really add something to the book. Normally at this point in a review i would write about the plot of a story but that is exactly what … Continue reading The 52 story tree house-Andy Griffiths-Terry Denton

The Christmasauras-Tom Fletcher

Maybe I read this book a bit to late but whatever the season i am sure this book will always be enjoyable. It is funny and full of unexpected friendships. The excitement of the plot grips you from the start.Another thing is that this proves that word disabled people is wrong, because people who are … Continue reading The Christmasauras-Tom Fletcher