I’m ready-Demi Lovato and Sam Smith

Recently, to take our minds off Covid-19, Demi Lovato and Sam Smith have released a new hit. It has been quickly noticed, complimented and criticised. I heard a lot about it and decide to have a listen. I have written about my views and what I don’t like. Please listen to the song and tell me what you think.maxresdefault

Demi Lovato and Sam Smith’s latest release:  I’m ready, is an odd mix between a rap and a tuneful song. The chorus is a song with a catchy and melancholy tune. All of the other verses are a hardcore mix of rapping and singing. This is a very unique mixture which is hard to categorise into a genre of music. However, I really liked it.

I like the way the two artists have used their voices to create an atmosphere. Sam Smith starts the song off with some rap at the start. Then, he uses his incredibly wide range of vocals in the chorus to give Demi Lovato a good leverage to start off. She starts of the second verse with that same rap. Demi Lovato displayed her trademark attitude in the verse. She also adds different pitches to the verse to spice the whole thing up a bit.

Next, she starts of on the chorus aided by Sam Smith. They both sing in unison, a bit of harmony. All of that is good. It is repetitive, not in a bad way, because there is some contrast.

The only problem that I have is the background music during the chorus. I feel like it reminds of a church choir to much and doesn’t fit with the hardness of the rapping which is suddenly replaced with the soothing song of the chorus.

Other whys, I think that the song is a total winner and a must listen!

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