Malamander-Thomas Taylor

Malamander was a brilliant book. Right from the start it was full of adventure and I really enjoyed that. Most books have a normal start and then the real adventure happens. But in Malamander  the moment the book starts  you are thrown into a world of monsters mixed in  with two spoonfuls of mystery. The perfect combination.

I love the narrator of this book, his name is Herbert Lemon. He was found washed up on shore in a crate of lemons and has since been working in the lost property office(the cellar) at the Grand Nautilus Hotel on the coast of Eerie-on -sea. I like this first person narrative because Herbert (Herbie) tells it in a funny and frank way which makes it an honest  account. This is a big part of what part of what made the book so successful for me.

This book starts with a short bit about Herbie and him in his office and then how he finds the most strange and challenging bit of lost property he has ever found before in his office. This lost property isn’t a thing it’s a person. This person is a girl called Violet Parma. Violet wants to know what happened to her parents and where they are after they seemingly abandoned her. But as they start their quest for truth they uncover an other mystery, the famous legend of the Malamander.   Half fish, half man, it is a danger to all sailors or people wondering around the bay of Eerie-on-sea. But only when it  lays its eggs  which is so rare that some people don’t believe it exists. This egg is an object of wonder for many people in Eerie-on-sea’s village. For this egg ,if in your grasp, can grant you a wish. Some people will do anything to get their hands on it… Can the duo defeat Sebastian Eels,the seemingly normal villager, getting his hands on it? As the pair  untangle this mess of a mystery will they be able to  figure out how Violet Parma’s past and parents are connected to the mythical Malamander?

I really loved this book and I bet you will to!

Have you read it yet?

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