The Secret of the Night Train-Sylvia Bishop

I really enjoyed this book it was really fun and imaginative. At first the story went at quite a fast pace and then it became a little more descriptive. That style worked really effectively with the book’s plot. Also, the description of characters  in this book is brilliant. Each has a distinctive feature that helps you tell them apart, this also really helped me get to know the characters.
paris munich bucharest budapestThe vocabulary and metaphors e.t.c where an extremely big part of that win, for instance one description that I really enjoyed was that of a woman named Ester. The description that I particularly enjoyed in that was  of her voice which was cleverly described as ”a foghorn.” Another metaphor I enjoyed was of Klaus the man who was travelling with Ester, he is said to be ”built like a small mountain”. I also really enjoyed the illustrations. They were really funny!

The book starts with the story of Max a normal girl who lives in Paris, who has never ever in her entire life stepped outside the border of France. Then a telephone from her Great Aunt Elodie changes that, her great aunt would like some company. So Max is sent away on a long train journey from Paris to Munich to Budapest to Bucharest. But of course she doesn’t go alone, oh no, instead she goes with slightly strange Sister Marguerite.  But on the way Max finds out there is more to this train journey that meets the eye. Apparently the mysterious and expensive heart break diamond has been stolen by the notorious phantoms, who are extremely wanted jewel thieves, and is being brought to their base in Istanbul. Can Max stop the terrible thief on board the train and figure out what is happening? But as Max finds out the hard way people are not always who they seem. Even the ones you love and trust the most…

Will you figure out the mystery behind the heartbreak diamond?

Have you read it yet?

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