A spoonful of murder-Robin Stevens

This book was not the book that I was meant to read in the series of Murder Most Unladylike. I was meant to read the third book but I didn’t really miss anything by not reading the right book.

This book is very different  to the others in the series.This is because it was a lot more personal to the narrator. This was a book that I started and than didn’t finish. For me it didn’t hook me and reel me in right from the start as a good book does. However, I picked it up again and this time finished it.

I have many thoughts on the book, because it was one of the very few emotional books that I even slightly enjoyed. Yet it still was not one of my favourites in the series.

The problem with writing a review about murder mystery is that normally I would write about what happens in the book but obviously that would ruin the whole ‘mystery’ element. So instead I have to describe the book to you without overdoing it. I will try not to give it away!

In this book, the first thing that happens is, you guessed it, a death. Luckily, this isn’t the murder. Unluckily, the unfortunate person who passed away is not just anybody; it is Hazel Wong’s grandfather.

Hazel is sent away to Hong Kong where her  family lives, so that she can mourn. However, she brings someone along. Daisy Wells, Hazel’s  best friend, also accompanies Hazel to her home country.

Hazel is super excited to return back to her family. She can not wait for all the hugs, and for once not being shunted aside by Daisy, being the centre of attention for once. But when she arrives she sees just how much things have changed after all these years apart. There is already a new arrival who has already stolen the show…

It is Teddy, Hazel’s newest addition to the family. When Hazel also finds out that Teddy has taken away her beloved maid Su Li as well, she crumbles. Here she is after all these years and there Teddy is, innocently soaking up the love that she deserves! Teddy needs some milk, Teddy needs quiet,Teddy needs this room, Teddy needs food. It all revolves around him!

Then one day when Teddy needs to go for his appointment and Hazel is told to tag along, Su Li is murdered and Teddy is kidnapped.

With Hazel in disgrace for not being a good sister,  with Daisy lost and confused in this new world and Hazel getting surer and surer that she is a forgotten and unloved daughter. Can the duo pull themselves together and save the ‘holiday’ or will everything go down in flames?

I am sure you will enjoy finding out!

Have you read it yet?

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