Against all the Gods – Maz Evans

godsThis book took a while to get into because I haven’t read one of Maz Evan’s books since I finished the third book of the series last year. I had to rewind my memory quite a bit, so to anyone who has heard of this series and is going to read it then I strongly recommend starting with the first book: Who Let The Gods Out?

Maz Evans has written a humorous story that is heart warming and gripping. This series follows the tale of Elliot Hooper who lives on a farm with his mum, not caring about the dad that he has lost and never known. One day he finds a girl covered in cow poo in his barn who claims that she is an immortal and one thousand nine hundred and sixty four years old. Elliot knows he doesn’t really have time for this – what with mum’s dementia…But he takes Virgo in anyway and after a while of chaotic conversation he finally believes her. She is Virgo, constellation and immortal who lives in Elysium home of the Greek gods.  But Virgo hasn’t come from her perfect Elysium to the wet, damp English countryside for a beach holiday. She has come on important Zodiac council business. She has come on a quest to deliver ambrosia, the very liquid that keeps immortals immortal, to prisoner forty two who lies in prison chained up where no mortal has ever set foot. Until now…

The prisoner claims to be Thanatos daemon of death  but that isn’t possible. After all, the mighty Zeus defeated him, right?  With his powers Thanatos convinces Elliot to free him from his chains, he promises to save Elliot’s mum. Elliot has no choice. He frees Thanatos, a fatal mistake that throws the entire mortal realm of Earth into peril. Can Elliot and Virgo  save the day? No they can’t and the Zodiac Council have proved useless. They only have one option left and that option is to get the last person who saw Thanatos. They need proper answers and help. They need the King of the Gods – Zeus. They get a chubby guy wearing Bermuda shorts. Zeus spills the beans and tells them Thanatos was still alive.  That completely changes the picture. But there is still  hope. Zeus knows where Thanatos is going. He is going to retrieve his chaos stones. The four stones that control the four elements – earth, air, fire and water. With those stones Thanatos would be too powerful to stop. They need to find those stones before he does or he could create hurricanes and floods so devastating, he could wipe out the entire mortal population. From there it’s a furious battle to find all four of those chaos stones. But mum still hasn’t changed. In fact, she’s getting worse. Her dementia is taking control of her emotions and Elliot knows her time on this earth is shortening but he can’t let them take his mum away. Their nosy neighbour Patricia Porshley Plum isn’t helping either. She wants Elliot’s home to be bulldozed down so that she can make some money…

And school isn’t going extremely well either. Then suddenly out of the blue his dad appears or is it his dad? Can Elliot solve all of these problems with the help of the gods and can he save the world, his family and his home?

Find out in the Who let the Gods Out series. Well, have you read them yet?


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