Lightning Girl-Alesha Dixon

This was a really awesome book! It was one that I randomly picked up from the bookshelf for lack of something to read. I really enjoyed it because of the pace of the story, the way the emotion depicted by the authors words was felt by me. This wasn’t exactly a challenging read but it was still very entertaining.


lightining spelling is incorrect

The story is of a young girl called Aurora Beam who realises that all of the women in her  family are amazing superheroes who have saved the world countless times. Now her powers are coming out, but Aurora can’t even do a cartwheel! How can she be a superhero???  

One thing that really hooked me in was the start of the story, it went like this:”No one told me that when you get angry lightning bolts would shoot out of your fingertips, but that’s exactly what happened,” That starting made me think and try to anticipate what would happen next.

The next thing that happens is she finds out her parents are separating. Through this whirlwind of emotions Aurora realises that her best friend Kizzy  doesn’t want to be friends anymore. It’s because her mum’s superhero training sessions are taking up all her time which she usually spent with Kizzy. Then there’s sassy Aunt Lucinda to think about- and not to forget her snobby pet ostrich:Alfred.

Then, in effort to keep her friendship with Kizzy, she accidentally lets out her secret. Now that it’s not a ‘secret’ anymore, Aurora is distraught. What should she do about it? She’d probably be expelled on the spot. No parents would want their children around someone like her!

But it turns out her friends can keep a secret. They form a ‘superhero club’ to help her. The club members are:  Georgie,the trendiest person in the whole school, Susan, an ace gymnast, Fred, the ultimate prankster, and Kizzy aka the brains.

Together they realise that a criminal is on the loose. A criminal who wants to take revenge on Aurora’s mum because she stopped him so long ago…

Can the superhero club save the day? Can Aurora keep her secret?

Have you read it yet????????


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