The 52 story tree house-Andy Griffiths-Terry Denton

If I had to describe this book in a limited number of words then I would say a very large comic book because like a comic book the illustrations really add something to the book. Normally at this point in a review i would write about the plot of a story but that is exactly what i am going to refrain from doing. That’s because one of the most brilliant things about this witty creation is that you have absolutely no idea, whatsoever about whats going to happen next.  That’s another excellent feature this book has, the unpredictability of the plot is marvelous and makes you want to keep reading.  One thing i must grumble about though is how sometimes a part of the plot can be so wacky that it seems a bit irrelevant to the rest of the story. Another thing i would like to say about this book is that the description of the many rooms of the tree house is really imaginative and is probably the best part of the book for me. The endless list of half – useless rooms that make up the tree house is nonsensical but i  think  my dream tree house has been decided! Maybe your’s will be too once you’ve read this book/comic.

The main characters are Terry and Andy both stupid but funny.They are a pair of authors that write um nice books?There is an entire series on the tree house books. I have only read two of them but i can tell you that they are brilliantly written books!

If i had to categories this   book to be honest i wouldn’t know what to put! I suppose it’s a bit of fantasy because of the superior scale of the tree house and all the useless rooms inside but then again wouldn’t it be adventure because of the epic journey Andy and Terry go on? While my head is getting around that why don’t you get you’re head around a good time to go to a bookshop and buy The 52 Story Tree House  so i have the freedom to ask …

Have you read it yet?

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