The Last Chance Hotel – Nicki Thornton

The Last Chance Hotel is a gripping whodunnit, with twists and turns on each page. This story tells the tale of the downtrodden kitchen boy, Seth. When the book starts it talks about the hustle and bustle of practically living in a kitchen. It talks about how one day it is even busier than usual because … Continue reading The Last Chance Hotel – Nicki Thornton

No Ballet Shoes In Syria- Catherine Brunton

No Ballet Shoes in Syria is not the kind of book you would expect me to enjoy as thoroughly as I did. It is one of those very emotional stories, which if you are a softie like me, can quite easily reduce you to tears.  However, the book's driving pace and exhilarating climaxes glued my … Continue reading No Ballet Shoes In Syria- Catherine Brunton

Fierce – Aly Raisman

Sia says: Aly Raisman was the key into a whole new genre of book. This was the first autobiography I have ever read, and I enjoyed it very much. Aly Raisman is an Olympic gymnast,who over the space of two Olympics has won 3 golds,2 silvers and 1 bronze. This story tells the life of … Continue reading Fierce – Aly Raisman

The Secret of the Night Train-Sylvia Bishop

I really enjoyed this book it was really fun and imaginative. At first the story went at quite a fast pace and then it became a little more descriptive. That style worked really effectively with the book's plot. Also, the description of characters  in this book is brilliant. Each has a distinctive feature that helps … Continue reading The Secret of the Night Train-Sylvia Bishop

The Signal and The Noise – Nate Silver

Even before we speak about the book - let's talk about the title of the book. There is a long list of book titles with two opposing or complimenting words: Crime & Punishment, Pride & Prejudice, the Beauty & the Beast and my personal favourite- the Ghost & the Darkness. Nate Silver's non-fiction effort will … Continue reading The Signal and The Noise – Nate Silver

Malamander-Thomas Taylor

Malamander was a brilliant book. Right from the start it was full of adventure and I really enjoyed that. Most books have a normal start and then the real adventure happens. But in Malamander  the moment the book starts  you are thrown into a world of monsters mixed in  with two spoonfuls of mystery. The … Continue reading Malamander-Thomas Taylor