Fierce – Aly Raisman

gym thingySia says:

Aly Raisman was the key into a whole new genre of book. This was the first autobiography I have ever read, and I enjoyed it very much.

Aly Raisman is an Olympic gymnast,who over the space of two Olympics has won 3 golds,2 silvers and 1 bronze.

This story tells the life of Aly Raisman, the Olympic gymnast.In this  narrative of Aly’s life, Aly delivers lots of important life messages. But one of my favourite lines is when she writes,’The best thing about a kid with a dream is that they don’t know how many tough days go into it.’

Aly writes about her family, and how they support her. She says how she was always one of the underdogs, who people never expected to get very far. She tells you how she copes with all of this. Aly also talks about how she used to be ashamed of her body and muscles and how she always tried to hide them. She then goes on to tell you that whether you are fat or thin you should always be proud of your body. That I think is a really important life lesson.

She then says how she managed to balance her academics and her gymnastics and opens your eyes so you see just how much work goes into becoming an athlete. She writes about how she has to be resilient and coping with the media’s comments.

This book tells you that what someone else thinks about you doesn’t matter, it’s what you think that really counts. It teaches you to believe in yourself even if everyone else thinks you are wrong. Be proud of who and what you are and don’t let anyone else change that, that would probably be the moral of this story.

Overall I think this was an awesome retelling of Aly Raisman’s inspirational life. I read it with my dad and suggest that people below thirteen should also do that, I think this because later on in the book there are some difficult concepts which an adult would probably need to explain. But don’t be put off!

Have you read it yet?

Divyesh says: Sia and I read a book every alternate night at a leisurely pace of 2 books a year. This one was our choice for the first half of 2019. Sia is keenly interested in sports and reading the autobiography of a successful Olympian was a perfect way to get a glimpse in the life of a professional sportsperson. The book is well written with a very good pace. It builds up nicely from Aly’s early childhood and initial interest in gymnastics onto her struggles for qualification within the intensely competitive US gymnastics scene, leading on to success in London 2012 and finally her successful comeback in Rio 2016. The influence of key people throughout the journey: her parents, siblings, coaches and administrators has been very well described. But above all, it is the supreme physical and mental effort that Aly has put herself through to achieve success in this field which was most revealing. Her struggles with body image come as a surprise given she is somebody at the peak of physical fitness but provide positive reinforcement as we learn about how she dealt with it.

I think the book would make a very good read for early teens; younger children will need some guidance.

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