The Boy Who Grew Dragons- Andy Shepherd

The boy who grew dragons is a heart warming and laugh-out-loud sort of book. It wasn’t a very difficult book and I would say even seven year olds could read it! But in a way of is own the books simplicity and comical-ness really work together.



The book tells the story of  a young boy named Thomas who is helping his grandfather in the garden. Then they uncover a very strange plant that seems to have grown out of nowhere! They do a bit of research and find out it is a dragon fruit. That’s a perfectly normal plant right? WRONG!

Thomas takes a fruit home and to his surprise in the dead of night, the fruit starts to shake, it starts to wobble, it starts to crack. Guess what comes out of the dragon fruit. Hint, hint.

Yes, you said it a dragon. As in a real fire breathing dragon, who is soon called Flicker.

I love the way the dragon is described, with it’s beautiful scales it’s a really awesome thing to imagine! 

Thomas loves having a pet dragon but he soon discovers the downside of having a dragon and a cat. Also hiding dragon poo from your beady-eyed-mum isn’t as easy as it sounds(it doesn’t even sound that easy)!!

Thomas can’t wait to show his dragon to all his friends in school but unfortunately it brings him some unwanted attention from his enemy and now his friends want some dragons too! Through it all Thomas creates a strong bond with his dragon friend, but will his friends appreciate that?

Have you read it yet?

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