Eragon- Christopher Paolini

thing dragon

Eragon is the most challenging book I have ever read, it was especially hard because of the language that was used. After finishing the book I think it may not have been appropriate for my age group, therefore I am discontinuing the series for a few years. However I still enjoyed it thoroughly and it will be on my reading list for years to come.

The book follows the story of Eragon who lives in Carvhall.  He is hunting deer when he finds a large blue stone. This stone is the start of an adventure that will lead Eragon across the region of Alagesia. This story is so complicated that it would take me forever to unravel the whole thing.

But, when read the story is told so well and simply that it seems so easy to understand. Christopher Paolini is a brilliant story teller and I can not wait to come back to his books when I am older.

The imagination used behind the tale is also amazing, the story is told so you can imagine it in real life. You can see and hear ( unfortunately there is nothing to smell or taste!) everything that you are reading.

Did you know that Christopher Paolini wrote Eragon while still in his teens!! I think that he is a brilliant author and wish that he wrote books that are more for a 9 year old like me, anyway if you are of a decent age group then enjoy it!

Have you read it yet?

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