A Darkness of Dragons – S A Patrick

darkness of dragonsThis is a very captivating book. However, if I had to describe it in one word, it would most definitely be grim. If you are not a huge fan of books with betrayal, witches, evil, death and more than enough blood…

Then, I suggest you run away screaming when you see this book. I think the author of this book loves music, as this book is largely based around music. The author has one of his main characters claiming, “Music isn’t just heard with the ears, it is felt by the body.”. The book’s plot has taken a bit from the fairy tale, the Pied Piper of Hamelyn. That fairy tale tells of a piper who hypnotises the rats who have been eating away at the villager’s good. He leads them to their death. In this story, however the Hamelyn Piper is evil. He hypnotises the village children and makes them disappear in the dead of the night. He is the most powerful piper ever and the most feared. His music is so sweet and enchanting that none can escape it. But, he is put in prison and made to wear an iron mask. This mask means he can only say, ‘Ay’. But it seems he has plotted his revenge…

Meanwhile, the unlikely hero, Patch Brightwater is in disgrace. He has used a forbidden song on his pipe. he is now also in prison. That’s where he discovers Wren, the girl cursed to live as a rat forever. They realise, the prison cell next to them belongs to the Hamelyn Piper. Then, the dragons attack. Patch and Wren make it, but now they are escaped prisoners whom everyone is looking for. As they explore their new found freedom, they come across the body of a dragoniff, a type of dragon/griffin that lives with dragons. The dragoniff’s name is Baner. He is alive and tells Patch and Wren that the Hamelyn Piper is dead.

The strange trio find a place to sleep; it has healers too. Wren is desperately searching for something that will make her human again. She confronts the healers. They take the trio away to legendary witch of Gemspar Mountains. The witch gives Wren a bracelet. When all beads are blue, Wren is human; when they turn white again, she is a rat once more. The beads keep changing.

The witch also gives Patch a prophecy, a terrible, terrible prophecy too. It means Patch will betray his closest friend ever.

But is the Hamelyn Piper really dead? And if he isn’t, can Patch, Wren and Baner stop him?

Have you read it yet?

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