Death in the spotlight -Robin Stevens

As you can tell (if you have read my recent reviews) these murder books are really captivating me.I have read 6 of the books, still some reviews due, and they have not bored me once.

Robin Stevens style is one that I as a reader I have never encountered before. It is wonderfully fun and you could even say that it is addictive. She is brilliant at balancing out the amount of comedy and conflict in her books. Anyone thinking about trying out murder mystery for the first time should look at these books because they aren’t even that gory.

In this book Daisy Wells and her best friend Hazel Wong are sent to London in an unsuccessful attempt to keep them away from murder. They are sent to the Rue Theatre to take part in the show that is being performed. It is the famous play of two star crossed lovers…Romeo and Juliet.

It seems the plays unlucky vibe seeps into the cast, for something sinister is happening. It all, starts with conflict between the members of the cast. It seems that everyone hates the star, Rose Tree( Juliet ). Martita, the original Juliet was forced out of the role by fame hungry Rose. Simon Carver wasn’t allowed to play Romeo, because Rose refused to pretend to be in love with  someone with black skin. To everyone else she is just downright rude! However the director and all other staff think she is really quite wonderful. The only other person who seems to like Rose is Anny, the talkative dresser.

Then, much to many of the cast’s glee, someone starts sending Rose really quite horrible threats. Then someone whistles. Which is very unlucky in a theatre, because one of the stage boys might hear it and drop down a special effect and ruin everything!

But then the last straw. Hazel and Daisy are down  the well room and they find a BODY. It is Rose. The duo must do what they can to save the play, even with those silly English clodhoppers messing up their crime scenes and grown ups getting in the way of EVERYTHING

But they do have some help, from two old friends they met on their 3rd murder. They’ve come all the way from America! It’s the ‘Pinkertons’ a pair of enthusiastic detectives, eager to help the duo to save the day.

But then, someone else dies in what SEEMS to be a suicide! Is there no end to this twisting turn of disaster?

Can The Pinkertons and The Wells and Wong Detective Society save the day, despite all of those frightful english clodhoppers and meddling grown ups (no offence grown ups)?

Have you read it yet?!

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