Growing Suspicion: Blondie McGhee – Ashley Eneriz, Catherine Villanueva

Growing SuspicionWhen Blondie’s teacher, Mrs Clemmons starts acting strangely it’s up to Blondie to find out who is the criminal behind her very strange behaviour. When things lead to declaring an assistant teacher guilty Blondie might just be on the verge of landing herself in boiling hot water.

But that’s not the only mystery around…

 Blondie’s father isn’t giving away what they’ll do on the weekend and is giving the most rubbish clues ever!

With two mysteries on her hands Blondie must put her detective skills to the test. It will entertain you for hours on end, perfect for fans of suspense and adventure stories such as Nancy Drew OR the Secret Lake.

This delightful book has many surprises hidden in it. Blondie is a very likeable character determined and resilient. She makes you laugh and she made me rack my brain to find out who the culprit was. But I also found out I’m really not meant for being a detective. The author has turned the life of an everyday school girl into the life of a fascinating young detective.

When the final case is solved and Blondie’s  great weekend is just starting another interesting but more public case is revealed Blondie must switch on her detective brain once more…

But to write about that that case I must dive into Blondie McGhee: Pressure to perform.

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