A Wrinkle In Time – Madeleine L’Engle

A wrinkle in timeMeg misses her father a lot, her school grades are terrible and she is the most unpopular child in school. So things don’t feel or look great. But from the moment Mrs Whatsit arrives on their doorstep it is up to Meg, Charles and their new friend Calvin to discover where Meg’s father is and to avoid an evil shadow…

This book hooks you from the start and never falters. Fans of Katherine Rundell will adore the fantastic picture created by Madeleine L’engle. This tale is unarguably in first rank and for me deserves a whopping 9/10!

This story is imaginative and will give you a million surprises as you read. I love the way the author has made each character very carefully they all have their own little quirk or weakness. The story is also a very bumpy one – it might be a happy part until suddenly another obstacle appears and makes you hope the best for Meg and her companions. It is so beautifully described that when I was reading it in bed I nearly jumped out of it for surprise! The different and unimaginable settings L’engle helps you to see are incredible.

There is just one huge problem- that is it’s unputdownable! I have read it twice and still am not a bit tired of it!

Have you read it yet?

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