The Wild Robot Series-Peter Brown

robot stuff This was the first school library book that I have ever properly got into. I read the first book back in 2018. So 1 year later, here I am finally writing the  review of the sequel as well.

These books are not challenging at all, however, they make for an extremely enjoyable read.

The sequel is quite hard to pick up, so this review is about both books.

The story  starts with the tale of Roz the robot. Somehow Roz is different from other  robots, she thinks differently from other robots.Our story starts with Roz washing up on an island inhabited only by animals.

At first the animals are quite hostile towards her, but when she adopts a baby goose who has lost it’ mother the animals reconsider her. Eventually, she builds a strong relationship with the animals and the baby goose( Brightbill ) but it can’t last.

Roz’s past has come back to haunt her, for all her time on the island she has been hiding from the Recos. A group of robots sent by someone to take her away to the place she was made. She must face the music and discover where she really came from and who she is. The first  book ends with Roz being taken away by the Recos.

In the next book Roz is working on a farm. She still longs to be back home in her island, but she can’t leave the family she works with, as she knows they will struggle to ever get back on track without her.

The other problem is that she can’t escape the farm without the farmers knowing as there is a tracking device on her. Roz’s only hope is the children on the farm, Roz knows that they will understand her difficulties.

With the children’s help Roz does eventually escape, but how will she get halfway around the world without being captured by the Recos?? As she journeys on this impossible task she finds out who she really is. With Brightbill helping her everything is going well. But then Roz accidentally blows her cover of being a normal robot. Everyone thinks that she is a defective robot. She is sent away to be destroyed. But she is really sent back to her maker, who after hearing Roz’s story cannot bring herself to destroy Roz. So she instead switches Roz’s bodys around,so she is not recognisable.

But there is still a long journey ahead. Will Roz ever make it back to her true home?

Have you read it yet?


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