Going Solo-Roald Dahl

going soloThis book is one I have been wanting to read for years, however the age group was never appropriate for me. So on finally being allowed to read this book, I read ferociously and as usual with Roald Dahl I wasn’t disappointed. I love his autobiography!

I love his witty writing style and adore his sense of humor. His tale is surely one worth reading. His life was fascinating full of adventures. Like the time he was in Africa and a maid was being carried away by a lion, or the time he saved one of his servants from a fatal bite of the black mamba. A horrific snake.

Surprisingly most of this book takes place in Africa, where Roald Dahl was working.

My absolute favourite part of this book has to be when Roald Dahl is writing about the hilarious antics of the people who are travelling, like one of them was of him waking up to see a Major and his wife dancing around on the deck stark naked. Or the old woman who peels oranges with her knife and fork, as she believes that fingers and toes are frightfully disgusting. Or the man Roald Dahl is sharing a cabin with. He sprinkles salt all over his shoulders then goes around to everyone asking for a cure for dandruff! It’s truly ridiculous!

This book is really a sequel, but even if you haven’t read the first book, BOY, then you can still pick up GOING SOLO quite easily. You may have noticed that one of this books categories is ‘war’ however this is only because a bit of the book is about the world war, where Roald Dahl worked in the RAF.

This is the only bit that requires age restriction. In this bit Roald Dahl thinks he is blinded, thankfully, he only loses his sight for a few days – after a terrible plane crash.

Roald Dahl’s boy (a boy is sort of like a personal servant ) is from a tribe that teaches war, so when war on the Germans is declared his boy goes mad and ends up killing a random German who lives in the village. This is the kind of thing that happen in the war section of the book ( inevitably, I mean it’s war we’re talking about ) so if you feel slightly slightly squeamish around hospitals then I suggest you wait until you are older to read this book.

Also in the categories I have written that this book is: adult and child appropriate. If you are an adult who likes funny and exciting FICTION, then I think you will like this book. Roald Dahl’s book is nothing like you would expect and autobiography to be like.It’s set out like a fiction.

The only thing improvement I would like is a bit about his time as a Chocolate Historian. That would have been funny!

Have you laughed your socks of yet?

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