The Dreamsnatcher-Abi Elphinstone

The Dreamsnatcher is one of those enthralling books which you can not put down until the very last page. This was one of the first of many books on my summer reading list, it provided a kick start to my summer and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


This book follows the tale of 12 year old Moll and Gryff, her wildcat,who live in a camp in the forest.Little do they know their lives are about to be turned upside down by a terrible magic that is stirring…

The first sign is that each night Moll suffers from a repetitive nightmare, the one full of loud rattles, hideous masks and banging drums. That’s not it, each time the nightmare strikes she finds herself sleepwalking closer and closer to the river. The line between Skull and Moll’s camps.

Skull’s camp are Moll’s camps rivals, they have been stealing all of Moll’s resources and it is infuriating. One night when the adventure begins Moll has been taken by the nightmare right up to the bank of the river. Moll decides to take this opportunity to get back her cob, Jinx, who had been stolen by Skull and his gang. She crosses the river into Skull’s camp and is nearly captured.

Then Moll finds out she has a terrible past full of loss, can she get her revenge on Skull for being the reason her parents had to perish?

Can she stop herself becoming one of Skulls victims?

From then on Moll is thrust into a world of peril and even some very unexpected friendships…

When I read this book the number one thing for me was how there is not a single part of the book where the book is not moving forward.

Have you read it yet?


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