Pollyanna – Eleanor H. Porter

pollyannaPollyanna is a young and optimistic girl who is an orphan and a regular player of the glad game. The glad game is a game in which you find something happy about the saddest things. But when something terrible happens can Pollyanna be glad anymore?

I read the book with my father. It is a lovely book because it’s heart-warming and a delight to read. I found the characters very interesting, even the ones which don’t have much effect on the story. They are quite old fashioned and tend to be quite different to us – which is not surprising, because the book was first published in 1913. Pollyanna really makes you think about how to be happy about the saddest things and makes you laugh when she comes up with something unthinkable. Also this book is so popular that there is such thing as a Pollyanna Principle which is when someone tries to be happy about everything!

This book is very nice but the characters do tend to babble on like a chorus of frogs, and also with very queer language so I think a sensible age limit is 9+.My top 3 characters are Pollyanna, Nancy and Mrs Snow.

I like Pollyanna because of her cheerful nature and also the sweet way in which she overlooks simple problems.

I like Nancy because she is very empathetic and she also tends to speak a lot!

Mrs Snow is a sick woman who has lost all her cheerfulness and lies down in her bed all alone in the dark but I like Mrs Snow because she becomes a very nice and happy woman once she is put under Pollyanna’s spell.

I think reading this book with a parent is a good idea.

Have you read it yet???

2 thoughts on “Pollyanna – Eleanor H. Porter

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