Orion Lost-Alastair Chrisholm

Orion Lost is a brilliant, action packed sci fi novel with incredible turns and jaw dropping twists. I hung on to every single word of this unputdownable book and it has helped me to improve my writing and vocabulary.


71IZPOy7ylLI do think that in some areas the author could have used some description rather than leaving it in the dark. This story is set in the future, so there are lots and lots of futuristic elements of it which need some explaining. Often, shrouding an area of the story in mystery, unlocks the reader’s imagination and allows it to run wild. But, often, if the book is truly fantastic and reels the reader in, they will always crave more information. Which is what there wasn’t enough of.

I love the fact that there is no ending to the excitement in the book. In most adventure stories, the book is most exciting in the middle and dies down toward the end. This book doesn’t work like that. It stays exciting right till the end from the start. Right when you think the characters are safe, they are catapulted into another death defying danger.  I am not going to give anything away about the plot because that would ruin the fun!

I normally read my books in little intervals, but I was so excited that I had to finish the whole thing in one go!


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