Olivia’s First Term-Lyn Gardener

Olivia’s First Term is an interesting book that i really got into and actually finished in a day but i feel the book was cut short. I feel that there could have been a lot more to the plot. Also i think the blurb gives you the wrong idea about the book. The blurb tells you that Olivia is a circus girl who is being sent to stage school without her consent and so naturally Olivia is angry. That part is correct, but then it says that at the stage school someone is stealing everyone’s precious jewelry and that Olivia actually solves the mystery. In truth Olivia is blamed for the robberies and simply stumbles upon the answer to the case.

My favourite character in this book is Eel. Of course her real name is not Eel but because of the way Eel is always wriggling about and never stands still that is her nickname. Something about the way that the author brings her characters to life is really quite brilliant they are all very like real people who we see in our everyday lives and that helps you really get to know the characters and realize their feelings and understand them.

Overall for me this book was okay i just don’t think it was complete enough i think there really could have been a lot more to it and so i don’t really think that Lyn Gardener’s writing really captures me. So the possibilities of me reading the next book are really quite low. However don’t be put of! You may think once you have tried the book that i am bonkers to complain about it. You might think that the book is simply stupendous! Either way you won’t know until you’ve tried!

Have you read it yet?

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