The London Eye Mystery – Siobhan Dowd

london eyeTed Sparks is not your usual detective, with his cool brain that runs on its own unique operating system and a goal to be a meteorologist. But, when his cousin Salim boards the London Eye and doesn’t come down again it’s up to Ted and his older sister Kat to figure out where he is. After all what goes up must come down right?

The characters in this book are outstandingly described. Each character has its own special personality. My favourite character is Kat. She can sometimes be very haughty and rude. But I like her because she is smart, cool and can be quite funny.

The author has described the setting extremely well and you almost feel like you are in the busy, traffic filled streets of modern London, or the high glass pod of the London Eye or even the silent tense Spark’s house.

This book is super exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat whenever you are reading. My favourite bit is when Kat and Ted have a light bulb moment and realize all the clues are in front of them and that they just have to put all the pieces together to figure out exactly where Salim is.

Also did you know, that the money made from these books goes directly to the Siobhan Dowd Trust. This is a charity in which the money made from Siobhan Dowd’s books goes into buying books for people who have no access to them.

You can help them too. Please send further donations to: The Siobhan Dowd Trust   c/o 6b Lee Terrace, London SE3 9TV or visit

Have you read it yet???

I have also read the second book in the series – The Guggenheim Mystery, which I will review soon.

One thought on “The London Eye Mystery – Siobhan Dowd

  1. Great review …wonderfully captures the excitement of the book. I haven’t read a good mystery in a while I think i might pick this one

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