Mary Poppins, The Complete Collection – P L Travers

mary poppinsJane and Michael need a new nanny after Katie Nanna quits without word of warning to Mr and Mrs Banks. They desperately try to find a new nanny. It takes a bit of waiting but eventually Jane and Michael see Mary Poppins arrive at their doorstep on a gust of sudden wind. Then and there everything they do is turned fun by Mary Poppins. But they must remember she cannot stay forever…

I like this book because it’s so imaginative and funny. I love Mary Poppins as she is very snobby and vain but has something magical about her which makes her seem glorious!

This book is actually 6 books in 1 but you can of course read each of them separately. Every time you start reading you feel like you are reading from the start because each chapter is very different from the last and very exciting. For instance, Jane and Michael visit the man in the moon, meet a man who flies when he laughs and lots more! You could tell every character in the book apart because each is so unique and is exactly the type of character you would see in everyday life, mixed in with the characters who are downright crazy. For example, take Nellie-Rubina who seems to be made of woodwork, Dear old Mrs Corry who can snap off her fingers and turn them into gingerbread and even the balloon woman who helps you find your perfect pick.

Each chapter is a completely new and vividly described adventure. My absolute favourite character is Jane Banks. Every time she talks, I can see her nattering on in my head so clearly! I can barely believe that she is simply a well described character from a book!

My favourite chapter is called Bad Tuesday. It’s when Michael wakes up feeling mean and horrible which is exactly what he is. Then when he is angrily slouching up the streets with Jane and Mary Poppins, he picks up a shining object realising it’s a compass. But Mary Poppins snatches it from him and says the compass has magic! Then to prove it to grumpy old Michael she uses the four simple words: North, South, East and West to take the children to all four corners of the earth meeting many creatures along the way! But Michael still irritated at how Mary Poppins swiped the compass from him, refuses to be amazed. That night Michael decides to take the compass and is swirled away. Only Mary Poppins can save him!

Have you read it yet?!!!

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