There is a Yeti in the Playground – Pamela Butchart

yetiWhen Izzy goes to school the last thing she expects is to get snowed in! Then Izzy, Zach, Maisie and Jodi here a weird wailing noise from the playground they realise there’s some sort of beast out in the snow. They all agree later that they should have not ventured out into the snow. If they had not, Maisie probably wouldn’t have been kidnapped by the yeti and Zach probably wouldn’t have gotten lost in the storm! And to make stuff even worse the dinner ladies aren’t at school so everyone has to eat from a giant can of beans which just might be out of date…And also what’s up with the teachers-why are they crying? It’s only when the gang hear the words BEAST FROM THE EAST they put 2 and 2 together to find a yeti but they might just not be the best mathematicians and might just have gotten 5…..

I like the characters because they are all different and each has a special quality which makes them very realistic. I can just imagine them in my head! My favourite character is Jodi because of how determined she is and how strong she is. Also she is really important to the gang, you can see how much they admire her. She is the one who made the gang have a bag of food rations!

I like this book because of the humorous way Pamela Butchart has woven this anecdote. It reels you in right from the start. I read it in 1 night! I think I would give the story 8/10! You ribs will crack with laughter!

Have you read it yet!

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